Wildlife Fencing

Animals migrate, roam, & hunt. Whether you have children, pets, cattle or horses, you don’t need to risk their safety by letting wild animals on your property. We have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding wildlife and their tendencies. Coyotes, bear, deer, elk and rodents can be a nuisance when they invade your land.

It depends on your location and situation whether you want a fence designed to deter wildlife or a fence that allows their safe passage.

We will work with you, learn your land’s topography and provide a custom solution to wildlife prevention or wildlife-friendly fencing.

Some common wildlife fencing materials include:

  • Chain-link – 5 to 10 Foot Tall
  • Chicken Wire
  • Electric Plastic Mesh
  • Electric Wire
  • Hi-Vis Hi-tensile Mesh Wire – 5 to 10 Foot Tall
  • Smooth wire or rounded rail
  • Seasonable Electric Fence
  • Movable Electric Fence
  • Removable fence sections and gates