Creating Strong Fences

At 4 Corners Fencing, we work diligently to maintain straightforward and courteous interactions with our customers. Project information is provided in a timely manner with prompt follow-up; keeping the customer involved throughout the entire process.

We respect our clients’ property by keeping the job site clean and safe during construction. When a project is completed, we’ll be sure to follow up with the owners to make sure that the product is working correctly and that the customer is satisfied.

Here are a few common fencing needs in Western Colorado.

Pet Fencing

As pet owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep your pets safe at all times. Pet Fencing is our speciality. We have customizable fences such as electronic fences and invisible fences to keep your pet out of danger’s way. An anchored chain-link fence can contain your dog and maintain its safety even while you are travelling.

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Horse Fencing: Secure your pasture pals

If you own cattle or a horse stable, you need the right fencing to keep your animals secure and not wandering around. We will provide a solution for your location and we also have locked secure fencing options available.

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Animal Fencing: Keep the wildlife in the wild

At 4 Corners Fencing in Basalt, CO, we are the local authority in wildlife fencing.

With proper fencing you can keep the wildlife in the wild or let them pass through safely. It completely depends on your location and situation. We will design a custom fencing solution for you.

Wildlife fencing can be designed to keep wildlife out or allow safe passage while adequately containing livestock.

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Residential Fencing: Framing your property to fit you

With our many styles and fencing material options, we can construct a personal fence just for you or one that complies with your HOA or local county / city code.

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Commercial & Construction Fencing: Security or just a creative addition

4 Corners Fencing provides permanent and temporary commercial fencing solutions including pedestrian barricades, high security fencing, as well as industrial, temporary and recreational fencing.

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Construction Site / Temporary Fencing

We will deliver and install temporary fencing, security fencing or barricade to meet your specific requirements. Take down inlcuded.